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Welcome cooking!

Here is my simultaneous cooking of today.

Fast and efficient? Hope so.

Ingredients: minced lamb – chicken and Korean soup mixture

First step Frying onions.

Second step: I found some good minced lamb at M&S – will make Bolognese sauce + a mexican dish.

I use 1/4 of the fried onions to add with the minced lamb with vegetable oil + garlic

I add my favorite spieces: Laurier, garlic, italian spieces, cinamon, salt and pepper.

In a smaller sauce pan I add 1/4 of the red fried onions and tomato puree with bolognese spices.

I add my favorite OldElPasso mixed spices into the mince with tomato puree.

I leave the mince to cool down before refrigerating. I’ll add sweet chili and onion before accomodating and filling fajitas on the day as I didn’t have sweet chili today. We can also add mushroom into it.

I go back o the rest of the fried onions left aside.

the rest of the red onions heated in the sauce pan with olive oil.

Now I fry my pieces of Chicken with vegetable oil leaving the fried onions on the top to avoid burning.

In the meantime, I go back to my Korean soup mixture. I have no idea about the official recipe but I’ll start by frying the onions and the meat.then will add the vegetables, the sauce and hot water. Will see.

The onions and what seems to be pork

Add the rest of the ingredients into the sauce pan.

Then add the rest, vegetables and some sea food, I keep the king prawns for the end.

Top up with hot water and let the soups cook slowly.

Now I turn around the chicken

An one more time, turn the chicken and add salt and mixed bay paper

I leave everything to cook slowly.

Now, I’m done!

I like cooking few meals at the time as all is done together, It’s much more time effective and I can clean all and when I have finished cooking, my kitchen is all cleaned up. I can go and do my work while it’s slow cooking to conserve maximal savour.

I add a few drops of balsamic vinegar and a tea spoon of sugar to my mince and bolognese to give more taste. Red wine would be even better.

These are the basics and according to personal taste or ingredients available, you can add the vegetables or your choice. You can always add more onions. You can add any ready made sauce to the chicken to have a chicken curry (green thai or Indian) Tika Massala or simply add some small cooked potatoes (boiled with its skin), lime and extra onions and if you have, safran , served with rice. Chicken is the easiest meat I found to accommodate with almost everything. I had mine from M&S. my favorite ones. I have recently learnt the difference between chicken in the super markets: some have been dried with air and others with water, this is why they contain 15% extra water that they loose of course once cooked. I can assure it makes sensible difference in the taste.

You’ve noticed I don’t cook from recipe, not disciplined enough, or simply because I like it more that way, I fell I have more freedom and creativity. I also use ready made sauces. Of course it would be better to made everything at home; then the cooking would become more of a pain> I prefer to cook more often like that and keep time for my own work and the family life.

I did timed the cooking process today. I started at 11:45 and finished at 12:50. This does not take account of the slow cooking process done by itself after my kitchen was all cleaned and all ingredients put back in the draws etc…

Now, this was my first cooking blog. I decided to start this because many of my friends asked me how to cook or for ideas of meals. I have often been asked why I did not opened a restaurant. I enjoy cooking but enjoy even more my internet law activities.

I’d love to hear your comments and experiences.

Bon appetit.



  1. I can smell it cooking all the way from Gower !!!!

    Wonderful idea and thank you for spending the time out of your busy day, to do so.

    Have you ever tried Angostura Aromatic Bitters, I add it to all my stocks, stews and mincemeat dishes. A tip I inherited from my mother … bless her!

    Don’t give up the legal tweeting though as other-half @mikejulietbravo will feel bereft.

    Warm wishes, Rhianne

  2. Clarinette

    Thank you Rhianne for your lovely comment. I shall try your ngostura Aromatic Bitters trick next time.
    Do send my best wishes to your other half and be reassured, I have not given up Law yet, just taking a day off. I know I have promised a writing to do.

  3. debdobson

    My friend, I absolutely love your new baby. This is an absolutely wonderful idea, and loving to cook, I’m going to be cooking some of these ideas. Had no idea you were a chef in addition to your other talents.

  4. Clarinette

    It’s my pleasure to share this other passion of mine, cooking and eating.
    Finally I found a function to my BlackBerry Storm mobile phone that I have been so much complaining about, it is a great camera!!

  5. Isabe

    Super Clarinette! Tout a l’air tres bon. Je me mets a mes casseroles maintenant. Bonne continuation!

  6. Aude_M

    J’aime beaucoup cette idee de faire cuire plusieurs plats en meme temps pour la semaine. Je voulais faire un poulet au curry? Qu’est-ce que tu peux me conseiller? Mercu beaucoup pour ce travail. C’est super, en une heure seulement!!!

  7. Oh that is wonderful, Clarinette! And the pictures are both lovely and offer a useful step-by-step guide.. you lawyers are so methodiical and well-organised which makes me quite envious as I tend to be a bit chaotic when it comes to cooking!

  8. Robin Wilton

    Formidable… et plusieurs plats en meme temps – quelle astuce.

    Just one tip – for Laurier, it’s important to note that Anglophones should be sure to use Bay Leaf – not Laurel, which is not good for you ;^)

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