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Fast dinner tomight

Whole salmon in the oven. So easy to prepare: watch with water, dry, pepper and vegetable oil and in the center of the oven for an hour at 220 then 200C. in the middle of the cooking add salt. If dry, you can add some olive oil. I prepared steamed vegetables: potatoes, carrots, soya beans, cauliflower, leek and roast sweat potatoes.

I cooked all my veggies in a pot with a little water, salt, onion and a garlic clove, satrting by potatoes, then soya beans (frozen). leek, carrots and at the very end, I had the cauloflower. I just cook few minuts the seat potatoes, then add oi and put in the oven to roast.

I like to add fine herbes – coriander tonight – on top before serving + lime.

i’ll keep the juice of the vegetables to make a soup tomorrow and the left over of vegetables for a gratin with bechamel and grated heese.



  1. Katia

    Bravo, it is healthy and delicius ! I shall try. Bzx

    • Clarinette

      Merci Katia et ce soir au menu, soupe de legumes en entree suivi de gratin de legume et poisson. Un enorme poisson pour seulement £7 (aux alentours de 8 Euros) pour servir deux bons repas, facile, et pas cher.

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