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Sweet omelette

A quick recipe of my original sweet omelette, totaly invented, they might be other versions, but not this one as far as I am aware of. I find the result terrific ad so easy to make:

I used 3 eggs, a spoon of flour, 2/3 spoons of brandy cream but I guess you could use any cream or milk.

I first, started by frying 3 bananas cut in half in a bit of butter.

Meanwhile, I mixed the eggs and the cram and the flour,

Turned the bananas.

Add the mixture on to, let cook slowly then added some Golden Sirup which could easily be replaced by sugar sirup or golden sirup.

We had a vegetable soup and that came as an excellent desert.

““try it and let me know how you like it.



  1. lilwizz

    Sounds delicious and is a must try!

  2. LadyBizBiz

    I meant to make this the week you first posted it but didn’t have eggs. Still haven’t got Legbar Eggs and Sainsbury seems to hv stopped stocking them… shame, they are such rich yellow yolks.
    Love the idea of Golden Syrup with the bananas, MjB will love it too.

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