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Simple things are so often the best

I had somehow let down my cooking blogging lately as too busy with the rest. Recently, we had few ‘tweet exchanges’ with my Twitter bud @LizAzayan, charming young lady, Social Media Doctoral Researcher in UK. Like me, she wants ‘simple’ and easy recipes. I passed her my recipe for the chicken supreme and she discovered how mushrooms can make meals tasty.

First, let me share with you my chicken supreme recipe: get one chicken breasts per person, fry some mushrooms with shallots (ideally, part in small pieces for the filling and thin slices for the top). I mainly use vegetable oil, mostly grape seeds oil or olive oil as healthier than others. To bring more taste, I add a small piece of butter, makes it more caramelised. add salt and pepper (I always salt mid-cooking as the it keeps the meat more tender), keep aside. Make an opening in the side of the chicken breasts, fry them with some extra oil in the same pan, then bring them out, fill them with half of the mushrooms. Bring them back into the pan, you can add a bit of white wine, add the creme fraiche, I like 2/3 table spoons, add the extra mushrooms on top, let it cook slowly 10-15′ and voila, it’s done. you can serve with rice and enjoy with a glass of white wine. A Chardonnay or a Bordeaux Blanc would be perfect.

Now that you’ve got the chicken supreme, here is my other extra simple mushroom based recipes:

Mushroom salad: Slice as many mushrooms as you like, prepare a dressing with olive oil and lime or lemon, salt and pepper. It’s as easy as that and still yummy. if you wish, you can add coriander, or chopped shallots. You can have some green leaves salad served with.

Same based dressing olive oil, lime, salt and pepper can used as a dip for row vegetables such as mushrooms – in that case, keep them in half, colliflowers, broccolis, carrots or cucumbers. It’s delicious and healthy. Even kids love it and it makes them eat vegetables in the fun way.

Another of my favorites/healthy/quick dips: based on yoghourt.

We are not always used to have yoghourt with salt, believe me, it worth trying.

Get some good quality yoghourt, I suggest ‘greek style’ yoghourt, add a clove of smashed garlic, salt and pepper and some herbs, my suggestions: corriander, mint, dill, parsley. You can also add chopped spring onions or chopped cucumber, raisins and dried rose petals. You serve this in a bowl and dip same row vegetables: mushrooms, carrots, cucumbers, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, green or red pepper. Remember to always take he middle part of tge garlic off before use, it makes it more easy to digest.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.

creme fraiche,


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  1. Katia

    Super, enfin de retour ! Yummy like allways !!!

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