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Friday is a god day for shopping, cooking and celebrating the end of the week.
My Waitrose visit sent me home with two packs of Feather beef and a pack of lamb meatballs. I prefer to make my menus from what is available/fresh/in promotion in the shop instead of making my own shopping list.

With the vegetables in the fridge, I started cooking the meat for two dishes to be served later this week-end.

This evening, we opted for an oriental ‘nibbles night’ with vegetarian dishes. Easy home made houmous, Taboulet maison and Waitrose tarama, with Italian procietto and olives. Served with home made brown bread, cheese nuts and dates.

While I prepared the meat for future dishes, I mixed up a can of chick peas with a spoon of Tahina, two garlic cloves, the juice of a lime, olive oil, salt and paprika, mixed together with the blender. Of course home cooked chick peas would have been much better. This was an improvised dinner and therefore, I could not have left the peas in water overnight. Still it’s better and fresher than the ready made ones. I have never tried to make the tarama at home. I had a friend who used to do it. Not sure where to find the ingredients around here (egg of hearing). My kids love procetto and olives. We were not very hungry tonight or otherwise we could have had artichokes, herbs omelet or my special yoghourt dip with garlic, served with all sorts of vegetables to dip in (cucumber, carrots, celery, cauliflower, red pepper,…) , some red radish, green salad or cucumber, tomatoes and red pepper salad, or tomato mozzarella salad. So many easy choice for a light vegetarian (or mainly vegetarian) dinner. Of course smoked salmon, potatoes and prawns are other options.

The Yin and the Yang

They are many recipes for taboulet. The way I like it is a little bit of couscous, lots of herbs (this time mint and coriander, parsley is well recommended), cucumber, tomatoes, red and orange pepper, a spoon of chick peas from the can I used for the Houmous, 6/7 small spring onions, two spoons of raisins, one lime and olive oil, salt and paprika.

Middle East cuisine has a wide variety of vegetarian dishes, all rather healthy based on vegetables, olive oil and herbs.

Table set

Dinner served

One little trick, when using lime or lemon, don’t throw them away. Keep them for your dish washing or use them in a small bowl in the fridge as an air freshner.

 One of my favorite cuisine in the Middle East is the Persian cuisine. Based on lots of herbs but rarely spices chili. Tomorrow, I will prepare two Persian rice : my kids favorite Black Cherry rice and green beans and meat. Head up soon if you want the recipes.

One of our favorite places to eat in London is Ev in Southwark Lovely spot with all the plants on this cul de sac where you can seat outside and the inside is big enough to find a table without need to book. We love their menu of vegetarian dishes with the lovely bread. They advertise th be ‘organic’. One of my personal criteria to check the hygiene of a restaurant is to look at the ladies. So far, we have always been satisfied by the quality of the food.

Enjoy the meals and come back soon for the rice recipes : black cherry rice  (suitable for vegetarian) and Beef and green beans rice.


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