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Black Cherry rice and lamb meatballs

lamb meatballs

Persian cuisine is one very fine cuisine based on series of rice dishes, cooked together with veggies and meat or white Basmati rice served with Khoresht, sort of stew with veggies and meat. Persian make a extensive use of fine herbs and spices but no chili unless in the North West border of Russia, Azerbaidjan.

They have big theories of balance of hot and cold foods. Basically, some aliments would take more energy than they give, these would be cold, some will bring more calories and they would be hot. They are many recipes of natural drugs and many minor health illnesses are cured based on these concepts.

Tehran By Night - Wikipedia commons

The black cheery is a cousin of cherry, as you would have guessed, with a sour taste. It can be eaten as a fruit, as a dry fruit or jam. This rice is origninally made with fresh cherries cooked with sugar. I could find frozen black berry at Picard Surgeles in France. Haven’t seen any in the UK. I just use the black cherry jam. The best is the ones with whole cherries. M&S used to have good ones they discontinued. I know find them at ALDI.

Cook some rice, 3 cups of Basmati rice for 4 people. Wash 3-4 times the rice with warm water, cook it covered with 1cm of water on top of the rice, salt and add a spoon of vegetable oil. Bring to boil, leave it to cook just enough for the rice to get longer (5′). took the water off, leave the rice in a passoir. get your black cherry jam and add layers of rice with layers of jam. you can add some butter to give it a better taste, salt and cover to cook 15′. The rice is nearly ready. You can add safran, pistashes, almonds and dry orange skin on top.

While the rice is cooking, fry your lamb meatballs with onions in vegetable oil. I quite like Waitrose’s meat balls. Recently they had some with red pepper. You can have lamb meatballs, Aberden Agnus meatballs or veal meatballs. Each has different taste all depends on what you prefer. I add tumerick and cinammon. A little secret, if you want the bottom to be crunchy and nice, add some yoghourt before the rice. That crust of the rice is called a ‘Tadigh’ and is the best part of it. Don’t forget to use a non stick pot or a rice cooker.

It’s at simple as that. I can tell you, kids love this rice.

Black Cherry Rice

Here is the more complicated full recipe from ‘My Persian kitchen

Enjoy !


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