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Simply delicious Burger

In this period of exams with cold winter starting, kids need a bit of something special.

When we eat burgers, it’s with all the forbidden ingredients, including ketchup and our favorite Ikea Mustard.
The only meat that worth it, Aberden Agnus M&S minced beef. Their very special bread or even better the olive Ciabatta. A slice of Gruyere President and my special home made french fries.

We rarely eat fries, because of the oil etc…
One exception is when I made them with baby potatoes, sliced like fries with their skin, fried in vegetable oil, with garlic in skin and tick slices of red onion.
The secret, to make the fries more crunchy, crispy, add coarse sea salt and Piment de Cayenne.
I fry the baby potatoes with the red onions and garlic cloves in their skin. It develops delicious flavors.

We would even allow a glass of Coca Cola to go with. Today, we replaced the Coca by a fresh Orange and Raspberry Tesco Juice. You must try it!
So easy. Enjoy and let me know if you liked it.



  1. debdobson

    I’m planning on making these fries this week…they sound delicious!!

  2. Katia

    It is delicious ! love it !

  3. Clarinette

    Katia, would you prefer the burger to the cherry rice that you have tasted.

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