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Mini Pizzas, rapid, yummy and easy

Today is the end of school exams. My older daughter has finished the first half of the year. After some hard working, a small treat is well deserved.
She doesn’t like meat so much. One of her favorite meals is the mini pizza. I first had them, years ago, during my first trip to the US as student from my favorite cousin of Boston, my favorite City in the US. I went with a small budget from Paris to New-York, then Boston, Washington and San Francisco. One of my best holidays ever. At the time, when you purchased a transatlantic ticket, you could purchase a one month unlimited Delta Airlines ticket for all your internal flights. I could have used it much more if I wasn’t so lucky to be hosted by family and friends every where I stopped. A great trip it was. I visited so many nice places around San Francisco, Carmel, Half Moon Bay, the Wineries, etc… No TSA at that time. Yep, lots of good souvenirs. Such great time !

Lets come back to the lunch.
It’s hard to believe something so easy and quick can be so delicious. You can make many different versions with your favorite ingredients.

Here are the basic ingredients :
Use half English Muffin as pizza base, preferably brown ones or even better, olive ciabatta if you don’t want to go to the hassle of making your own pizza base.
A small bottle of tomato sauce, pizza topping or if you are brave enough, you can make your own tomato paste. I am not good at, although surely Fresh tomato sauce would be much better. Remember, this is not a big meal, just a home made snack, still much better than a supermarket pizza.
I add red onions, small tomatoes, red pepper, mushroom, olives or why not salami, chorizzo or whatever you like to see on top of your pizza.

If you like your bread more crispy, you can toast it a bit before adding the toppings, in which case, you can also grill the onions at the same time for 10′.
I like to add some Italian spices. I buy mine ready mixed, if you don’t have, you can add, dry garlic, oregano and pimento if you like.
You cover the paste with the tomato sauce, something like one big table spoon, add the mozzarella cheese, then onions, red peppers and what ever you like, a spoon of grated cheese (it can be grated Cheddar or even better, grated gruyere), sprinkle with herbs and grill in the oven for 10′. it ready !
I serve it with green leaves salad, today it was iceberg salad with rockets, avocado, onions, tomato, red pepper and some seeds. I like to leave the sliced onions with balsamic vinegar before mixing with the rest of the salad and olive oil.


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  1. Katia

    Congrats to your daughter !
    We will prepare the mini pizzas with kids.

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