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Hachis parmentier a ‘comfort food’ dish!

We had a roast beef dinner with friends and lots of leftover. Not a big beef eater, what better than acomodate the left over to make an ‘Hachis parmentier’, this is how traditionally hachis parmentier was made. Of course you can make it with dedicated minced beef or any small piece of beef in tomatoe sauce.

As usual, my way is the easy way. Just cut the beef in small piece, trying to follow the beef cut. Add some sauce. It could be tomatoes sauce. I had made some mushroom sauce to go with. I just added more red wine, crushed the garlic and some herbs.

I bring my Puree Mousline from France. Again, you can make you own mash potatoes. A layer at bottom, the meat in the middle, a top layer of potatoes, covered with butter and grated cheese (my favorite one is the Gruyere President). in the oven for 20′ and here you are. Ready to eat.

Served with row mushroom and cauliflower salad with coriander and shallots. seasoning: lime and and olive oil, pinch of salt and paprika.

`~Enjoy with a glass of Gamay. A fruity wine from Pays du Tarn, I purchased a to make my Mulled wine for Christmas.

For desert: fruit salad made with pinapple, blueberries and Grapefruit. As I had some in the fridge, I added a it of vanilla custard and the best part, some Cointreau.

Rcette du Hachis Parmentier 750Grammes

Or from Easy French Food ‘Mashed Potato Casserole

While cooking, I prepared the took pack of minced beef. Half to become pasta bolognese and/or/ lasagna. The other half will be a chili corn carne. You can find the recipes on my earlier posts.


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