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Lentils with Jasmine rice

lentilles consommées petis lardons carottes nouvelles et riz thai

lentilles consommées petis lardons carottes nouvelles et riz thai

Today’s recipe has been graciously past on by a French Lawyer known on Twitter as @Lawyer971.

You would be surprised by the number of lawyers who enjoy cooking. Part of life appreciation and the share of pleasure. Actually, one of my good Twitter bud’s Nicole Black (@NicoleBlack) has created a Twitter List of ‘Epucrian lawyers’). She is herself a good cook, here is her Pinterest.

A good recent read was this ‘9 Timeless leadership lessons from Cyrus the Great‘. I especially like this paragraph :

“When I became rich, I realized that no kindness between man and man comes more naturally than sharing food and drink, especially food and drink of the ambrosial excellence that I could now provide. Accordingly, I arranged that my table be spread everyday for many invitees, all of whom would dine on the same excellent food as myself. After my guests and I were finished, I would send out any extra food to my absent friends, in token of my esteem.”

What I love with this recipe is its simplicity and lovely presentation. There is a secret behind that, only @lawyer971 can reveal.

Here is the recipe, she kindly sent to me:

Lentilles consommées, recette de ma maman:

Pour 200 grammes de lentilles
1 oignon rouge
carottes nouvelles
lard fumé
sel, poivre

faire tremper les lentilles au moins dix heures la veille dans de l’eau.
Les égoutter, puis les mettre dans une cocotte minute, ajouter un oignon rouge émincé, du laurier et recouvrir d’eau.
Faire cuire 15 mns à la cocotte

Ensuite, une fois que les lentilles sont cuites, saler et poivrer.
Faire revenir les lardon dans de l’huile, saler légèrement les lardons
Mettre les lardons et les carottes coupées en rondelles dans les lentilles et laisser cuire quelques minutes à feu très doux.

C’est prêt!!!
(Ask Google for translation, if it doesn’t work, I’ll do it for you. Good deal ?)


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