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Fast dinner chicken roast

photo-3 I had let down This blog due to many family and work commitments. The dinner tonight inspired This quick post to share with my friends.
This is definitely one of our fav dinners.
Terribly easy. Surely much better than any take away. Before taking kids to after school activities, I just washed the chicken, salt pepper, a bit of oil. Today with shalottes, 2 garli cloves, thyme, parsnip and sweet potatoes. You can create as many options as you like with your favourites veggies or spices. Tuck in the oven at 190 C, half an hour – 45′ later all is done, let in warn oven to be served when back at home. Served with green beans.
Easy, cheap and yummy. The dogy loves it and we’ll have sandwich left overs next day. Maybe considering a coronation chicken.


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  1. very tasty !

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