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Moroccan Chicken Tagine from Eassaouira

A delicious Lemon tagine we tried at the beautiful Essaouira.
Here are the ingredients: Onions, 3 1/2
White pepper
Green olives
Lemon preserved 2 lemon
Garlic 5 cloves

Instructions by the chef:
Add Olive oil, chopped onions, chicken in small pieces, chopped ginger, Green olives, a coffee spoon of white pepper, salt, juice of 2 lemons, small coffee spoon of cucurmin, garlic, all mixed in a pan and cook add lemon juice, parsley,
Leave 20 minutes, and then add water to cover it, That’s all. served with couscous. heathy and so delicious.

Enjoy the mint tea. IMG_3643
Essaouira is a hidden gem of Morocco. The ramparts, the port, the dance of the cawing seagulls, the immense beach, the perfume of the sea air…
Thanks to the ocean breeze, Essaouira benefits from a cool air that allows you to relax under the sun without suffocating.


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