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Mexican Quesadillas

image  As I have now one child at Uni who loves cooking and needs ideas for simple quick recipes, I will post few here so she can get inspired. I had a meal with a lovely Malaysian lady who like many of my friends has travelled the world and enriched her culture, including her culinary range. She made me few delicious vegetarian dishes we savoured with a bottle of Prosecco. The Mexican quesadilla is something I know my daughter would love to cook as she is not keen on meat. It can be served with salad, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, jalapenos,… Very simple, using preferably corn tortillas, filled with grated cheddar cheese, black beans mixed with diced tomatoes, chopped onions, and coriander or what ever else you like. Just fry the tortilla, add the cheese, the beans and tomatoes, fold the tortilla  in half to make the sandwich, fry on each side and serve with a healthy delicious guacamole. More recipes can be found here and here the Jamie Oliver version is here The rest is down to imagination to fill it in with whatever you like, chicken, more cheese, ham, refried beans and black olives, etc….. Watch the video : <a href=”Black beans and corn quesadilla” title=”quesadilla black beans and corn”>Quesadilla Black Beans and Corn UPDATE: I tried the recipe adapting it to the ingredients I had : a can of five beans salad Napolina, salsa sauce, cheddar cheese, red onions, creme fraiche to replace the sour cream. I quite like the idea of adding brown sugar as suggested on the video. I am also very keen on cumin used in many mexican recipes. So I fried half of my chopped red onion with the drained beans, added cumin, salsa then a good spoon of brown sugar. The rest is as the original recipe with the other half of the chopped onion added without frying so it kept its sharp and crunchiness. I have to say, I lie the mixure of cumin and the sweetness of the brown sugar. Please let me know how you’d like yours.



  1. I love ALL your recipes, they are so tasty

    • Clarinette

      I am very glad you enjoy them and even more the fact that you add your kind comments. Let us know how you accommodate these recipes. Also, you can share yours with us. I had a look at your You are a very talented artist. Well done!

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