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The International Vegetarian Day

By2amCkIMAAndij.jpg-large Today, is the International Vegetarian Day so I will be sharing some of the great recipes appearing online. I love veggies. Never eat enough. Starting by this Turkish egg dish.

Reminds me of the Chakshouka dishes my Friend Andre Nataf, father of JP Nataf of Les Innocents Rock band, that I have no news, used to prepair. He used to fry chopped onions, lots of garlic and red peppers, all slowly fried, add tomatoes, leave it to cook slowly with Tunisian spieces. Served with a fried egg on top or another version was with mergez sausages. Recette de Chakshouka Marmiton en francais.

Thisurkish recipe inspired me to create a dish with what I had available in my fridge:

– 1 egg plant or aubergine as you prefer to call it, diced

– two big white mushroom, chopped

– two garlic cloves, finely chopped

– 1 can of diced tomatoes,

– two-three sun dried tomatoes, chopped

– one big red onion, chopped and fried

– spices: curcumin, paprika, and the cinammon that I love so much.

Start by frying the eggplant with two spoons of oil, I use olive oil and cover the pan to avoid using too much oil, once the egg plants are translucent, add the mushrooms, then the onions, the garlic, the can of tomatoes and the spieces, let it cook slowly for 20′. serve with topping with fried eggs. photo-6

Another of my favourites vegetarian recipes, Spinach, Mushroom and Feta Quiche. Bring all the way from Persia, one of my  sources of recipes.

The Grilled eggplant and cheese dip (kashk-e bademjan) My every day variant is very easy: just fry a little bit the auberines with the onions, add the garlic, the white persian sauce, let it cook slowly, covered. make fried onions and just a minute fried dry mint, add the white sauve few minutes before the end, sprink;e with the fried onions and mint, add walnuts if yyou like. It’s delicious with Perisian bread if you can find some. More healthy, the series of Borani.

One of the easiest, Borani with spinach. Simply cook the thoroughly washed spinach, add a small spoon of olive oil, garlic and cinnamon. Serve it with greek yoghourt and garlic with herbs.

I use lots and lots of fine herbs. they are delicious and healthy.

Keep watching, more recipes to come!


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