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Asparagus soup

Asparagus has many medicinal virtues. It is used in irrigation therapy, urine infection, joint pain, lang cancer and more. It’s delicious served cold with chopped chalots and vinaigrette of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. imageEasy to wash, just needs a rince, take the bottoms off, keep the heads for adding at 5′ before then end, cook one bunch of asparagus covered in 2-3cm of water, let it cook slowly with half of a small onion shopped, a chicken soup stock, salt and pepper. 30′ later the soup is ready, add two spoons of crème. Serve with a nice bred and butter. I always cook in slow temperature as much as I can to keep the nutritional values of vegetables as they usually don’t like high temperatures. enjoy!

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  1. debdobson

    This looks delicious!

    • Clarinette

      Ank you Deb. An excellent way of keeping warm and away from winter bugs.


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