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Mexican Quesadillas

  As I have now one child at Uni who loves cooking and needs ideas for simple quick recipes, I will post few here so she can get inspired. I had a meal with a lovely Malaysian lady who like many of my friends has travelled the world and enriched her culture, including her culinary …

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Risotto chicken, leek and mushroom

A simple and quick dinner. Get two chicken breast, my favourites are from M&S . Cut the chicken in tin slice. Shop one leek and cook in hot water for 10-12′. While the leek is cooking, fry the chicken on both sides, while frying, chop one pack of mushroom. Add the mushrooms onto the chicken …

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Fast dinner chicken roast

I had let down This blog due to many family and work commitments. The dinner tonight inspired This quick post to share with my friends. This is definitely one of our fav dinners. Terribly easy. Surely much better than any take away. Before taking kids to after school activities, I just washed the chicken, salt …

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Mini Pizzas, rapid, yummy and easy

Today is the end of school exams. My older daughter has finished the first half of the year. After some hard working, a small treat is well deserved. She doesn’t like meat so much. One of her favorite meals is the mini pizza. I first had them, years ago, during my first trip to the …

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Simply delicious Burger

In this period of exams with cold winter starting, kids need a bit of something special. When we eat burgers, it’s with all the forbidden ingredients, including ketchup and our favorite Ikea Mustard. The only meat that worth it, Aberden Agnus M&S minced beef. Their very special bread or even better the olive Ciabatta. A …

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Rack of lamb and potatoes en robe

Another easy recipe, rack of lamb cooked in the oven ‘badigeonne de moutarde a l’ancienne, ail et herbes de provence’. Which means you cover the lamb with French mustard mixed with olive oil, crunched garlic and herbs of Provence. I like it pritty rare. Therefore, cook in oven for 20′ and leave it for another …

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Here is recipe in French by a French friend and colleague Willy Duhen. Let me know if you needed an English translation. Ingrédients: 1 pâte feuilletée 300 de champignons frais 1 pomme de terre (assez grosse) deux poignées de gruyère (rapé ou à raper) 2 tomates 1 boule de mozzarella sel, poivre, 1 gousse d’ail …

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Fast dinner tomight

Whole salmon in the oven. So easy to prepare: watch with water, dry, pepper and vegetable oil and in the center of the oven for an hour at 220 then 200C. in the middle of the cooking add salt. If dry, you can add some olive oil. I prepared steamed vegetables: potatoes, carrots, soya beans, …

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Roast Chicken Dinner tonight

Soon enjoying roast chicken with smoked garlic and red onion served with roast baby potatoes ‘en robe’ mushrooms and baby courgettes.

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